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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Eilidh Cullen
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Liz! She was very patient and her calm, relaxed approach to teaching put me at ease when driving. When I went wrong she made sure that I understood why this happened and helped me work out how to fix it. Liz made sure I felt confident and comfortable with everything I had covered before moving on and booking my test. I'd really recommend the LDC workbook as it allowed me to follow along with the lessons and was a great source of revision for both the practical and theory tests. Thanks again for everything Liz!

Eileen Cunningham
On my search for a driving instructor, I decided I wanted a female instructor and was pleased my search brought me to Liz. From the moment I met Liz I felt at ease with her instantly. Her friendly, out going and patient personality she made our lessons easy and fun. I passed with 40 hours of lessons. The LDC system I would highly recommend along with Liz's teaching methods. Liz made each lesson easy to follow and I was out driving on the roads before I realised it. Liz is an amazing instructor and made me feel confident with every lesson. If you want a fast pass go with Liz. Best decision I made and now have the certificate to prove it. Thanks Liz! Your a star :-) x

Kayleigh McMenemy
I'm currently on cloud nine! I've just passed my driving test 1st time after a whole load of hard work and perseverance not only by myself but by my wonderful driving instructor Liz! Driving with Liz was an amazing experience. She is knowledgeable in everything she does and helps pass this knowledge on in a way that is easy to understand and breaks lessons down in a way in which you leave with a full background knowledge of what you are doing even if you didn't quite master t...he practical aspect first time. During lessons Liz always made it enjoyable and catered the lessons around the knowledge you'd acquired from the LDC book, which I can't recommend enough as forward planning and seeing what you are up against each week was a huge help to me. Liz works at a pace that allows you to practice one thing before moving on to another, which gave me a huge confidence boost when I was finally faced with other drivers as this was one of my biggest fears, other cars. I am really going to miss our weekly lessons and chats. The LDC systems works so well and is a sure fire way to become a safe, confident driver. Thank you so so much Liz for having so much faith in me and sticking through this journey with me even when I was a snotty mess worried that I couldn't do it. I genuinely couldn't have done this without you!

Abbie Hughes
Can't thank Liz enough for helping me to pass first time! A brilliant driving instructor with lots of patience and teaches in a calm and friendly manner to make sure I understood everything perfectly. The resources provided by LDC also helped to develop my understanding of driving and helped me to pass both my theory and practical tests. Liz uses a range of methods to overcome any difficulties as every student learns differently and this was extremely useful and meant they were soon resolved, thanks again Liz!! Xxx

Michelle Burns
Well I went from being terrified to even move the car to passing my test first time. I had no confidence in myself was even going to give up but Liz had faith in me and built my confidence up and never gave up on me. Loved the LDC driving book helps you understand the teaching method and Liz records your progress which is good to see how far you have came. Enjoyed every lesson with Liz patience of a saint. Can't thank you enough Liz for believing in me and helping me towards a new chapter in my life. Xx

Mark Molloy
Really enjoyed my time learning to drive with Liz. The lessons were relaxed and she is a very patient instructor. She ensured I was taught everything necessary and the course she taught put me in a comfortable place when driving. The book that goes along with the course was very helpful and I'd highly recommend it. Her good teaching was proved with me passing my test first time.
Can't recommend Liz enough, thank you.

Francesca Tartaglia
What can I say, Liz is the best instructor anyone could ask for. She Is an amazing teacher and is great at explaining and breaking things down in a way that you can understand and comprehend them. I am certainly going to miss our lessons, definitely made a friend. During lessons I enjoyed going out because I was made to feel confident in what I was doing. Liz works at a pace that allows you to master one thing before moving on to another, this allows you to become confident before you are on the road with traffic. She believes in you even when you don't believe in yourself, I definitely could not have passed my test without you!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!

Sarah Robinson
Honestly don't know where to start here Liz is absolutely amazing she has so much patients and teaching method that I must admit I was sceptical about at the start having done other lessons but with all the help from Liz the book and DVD definitely a method that works and gives u a greater understanding of what ur actually doing helping build ur confidence when on the roads for anyone looking to pass look no further than here Liz is awesome actually sad at passing as I will miss ur chat Liz thanks so much for all ur help and patients xoxo

Daniel Murphy
Absolute amazing, passed first time and it's all thanks to Liz she is an amazing instructor, would recommend her to anyone, looked forward to my lesson every single week, the way she teaches is unique and I could understand it very well. Big massive thank you !!

Karen Sheridan
What can I say Liz!? I will miss our lessons! From rock bottom confidence in my driving skills to feeling like I was just out for a drive with a friend! You made everything so easy to understand, nothing was ever intimidating, even on a first attempt! You taught me how to be a safe, courteous driver, with skills that will never leave me! I could not recommend you enough as an instructor!? Thank you for not giving up on me! Even when I was ready to give up! ? xxxxxx

Rachael Ennis
Passed 1st time
Passed first time thanks to my fabulous instructor Liz, I would have never been able to do it without her help, gonna miss our lessons now, would highly recommend Liz to anyone who asked me she's a fabulous instructor teaches well and the LDC books are very helpful which she offers would recommend them too, thanks so much again Liz you were fabulous couldn't have passed without your help and wee tips and reference points you use!

Joanna Welsh
I enjoyed every lesson I had with Liz and she is an amazing instructor. I looked forward to my lessons and was always comfortable with what I was learning. Liz adapts her ways of teaching to suit your own style of learning which benefited me a lot throughout the course of my lessons. She is great at targeting your strengths and weaknesses which is an essential trait of being a brilliant instructor! I would 100% recommend Liz to anyone who is looking for an instructor because I know they will have an excellent driving experience with her just like I had.

Taylor Dailly
Passed 1st time
Passed my test first time and it was all thanks to Liz. She was patient and understanding when I first started my lessons and helped boost my confidence while driving which was amazing. Liz was calm while on my lessons but also was funny which made me calm when I was learning. I loved doing my lessons and will miss them but also miss Liz. I would recommend Liz to anyone who is starting lessons, she is amazing. Thank you Liz for teaching me, was a pleasure.

Conor Cavanagh
Learning to drive with Liz was a fun, enjoyable and all round fantastic experience. I always looked forward to my next lesson thanks to her excellent teaching style. After a few lessons she was able to recognise when I wasn't fully understanding something or getting flustered. She knew exactly how to explain what I didn't understand and how to calm my nerves, even on the day of my test!!. She taught me how to be a safe and confident driver. Liz has been amazing throughout my learning. Without her I wouldn't have aced my test. I have been recommending her to everyone who will listen and would give her 10 stars if I could. Thanks Again Liz.

Conor Peacock
Finally managed to pass my test and I wouldn't have been able to do without Liz. She helped build my confidence up after I had a shaky start by taking me through the basics in an easy and simple to understand way. If I ever had trouble with something Liz would take the time to explain it and make sure I really understood it. The book really helped as well, since it split everything up into easy bite-size chunks that you could read over before attempting which really helped speed up the learning process, as well as give you a good sense of achievement as you could actually see how far you'd had progressed as you ticked off completed sections. Thanks for everything Liz, I'd highly recommend anyone needing lessons to book some with you.

Ruadhri McKnight
Passed my test first time and it was all down to Liz. It was great fun learning with her and I enjoyed every lesson as even on the harder ones I was able to make great progress. Liz's calm and collective demeanor meant that I was always relaxed but still observant in the car which is the best way to learn and the best way to be on the road. It also meant that when I made a mistake a solution was found quickly as she told me where I went wrong and the right way to go about it, without being nasty in any way.

The LD system also helped me immensely as the workbook and DVD's meant I was able to track my progress in the lessons and it also gave me more than enough revision material to look over between lessons. Thank you very much for everything Liz and it'll feel weird to be in a car without you there.

Rachel O'Rourke
Passed my test first time and I wouldn't have been able to do it without my instructor Liz. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I enjoyed every lesson I had with her. Liz developed my confidence immensely and had the belief in me that I could do it when I didn't think I could myself. Her calm and collective nature made it a chilled environment to be able to make mistakes or ask questions which then could be fixed. The LD system also aided in my development as I was able to continually check my progress from the workbook at home and know what were my strengths and weaknesses.

Thank you Liz for absolutely everything, you are a star! I'll miss you!

Passed my driving test second time. Thank you so much Liz xx I would highly recommend Liz to anyone out there learning to drive. She is a brilliant instructor, friendly and supported me throughout all my lessons, giving me all the confidence I needed through the journey. Miss our lessons Liz x Thanks a million once again, wouldn’t have happened without your support and training.

Aimee Gowrie
Liz has been amazing in these last few months. She has taught me so much and has boosted my confidence in everything I have done. From being scared of pretty much everything when I first started to now being confident in my driving. Couldn’t fault you in anything Liz. 5 star driving instructor, the best in the business. Thank you for everything you have done! The LD System is great with the workbook as it helped me when preparing for my driving test and even my theory test, AMAZING!

Ian Kirkwood
My instructor was fantastic as well as teaching me she understood when I wasn't in the right frame of mind or when I'd become flustered when driving. This really helped with my confidence to deal and adapt to situations as well as this I think the methods were great and they went hand in hand with the book which helped enormously. The patient build up of the blocks was also a great benefit, before getting out on the road. This I had not experienced previously with other instructors.

Catriona Hunter
Happiest person ever. From day 1 Liz had faith in me, she was so calm & understanding about everything. Even when I was crying my heart out not believing in myself Liz was the person who put a smile on my face and made me belive I could do it. She is a little star, could not have done it with out her!!!!! Liz is critical in a brilliant and nice way which is what I needed. I am so chuffed Liz was with me through the full experience and was by my side. I can not thank her enough! What a star she is! Will be recommending her to the world. Will miss her loads but I know we will keep in contact forever! There is no 'I' in team. Thanks you for everything.